It Will Be Alright

“He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3

No one is exempt from pain, suffering, or even heartbreak. We’ve all got our own burdens to bear—some we share and some we deal with on our own. It’s when you’re in the midst of it that your vision can get cloudy, your faith tested, and your heart discouraged. Going through feels terrible no matter what it is on the spectrum of tribulation and trials, from a physical illness to an unexpected betrayal to a terrible loss. It can seem like all the advice you got before the tragedy happened doesn’t mean anything in the moment because your focus is on what you’re dealing with in that moment. You may feel like you’re stuck in a valley with no way of getting out. It seems never-ending.

During a heartbreaking time, despite trying to find answers that likely might not have made the situation better, it hit me: life isn’t going to stop just because I’m hurting. The world keeps turning. Memories are still made. Businesses still going. Life goes on. That doesn’t mean what you’re going through is insignificant or that your feelings don’t matter. It does matter, but what I want to reiterate here is to not stay stuck in that valley. It’s understandable to grieve, heal, recover from the aftermath of the situation, but it’s not okay to stay in that place. Typically, once you are healed from an ailment, you get up and go on about your life because now it should no longer impede upon your livelihood. Thus, our trials and tribulations are not meant to keep us rooted to one spot. A heartbreak shouldn’t have you cutting off the world, sulking for the rest of your life, and giving up hope for better days. Life is short. Enjoy it when you can. We have blessings that God bestows upon us to enjoy here on earth. And that pain you’re dealing with that seems like it’s there to stay will end. It will get better. Everything will be alright. That is one of the many promises of God. There is hope and something to look forward to. Therefore, don’t give up in the test, don’t settle for less than what you deserve, don’t stay where you clearly shouldn’t be. Remind yourself of who you are, lean on God, and live your life.

Moreover, Psalm 147:3 reminds us that our pain is temporary because a loving, caring God will heal every ache, replace the sadness with joy, and work out the situation. In dealing with a wounded soul or broken spirit, you are not alone, for Deuteronomy 31:8 (KJV) states “And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.” So, even when it seems like you’re alone or no one else can relate to what you’re going through, you really aren’t alone. There is someone that understands exactly how you feel and cares that you’re hurting. Immediately after the loss of a loved one or the end to a relationship, it can feel like the pain will never end, that joy won’t come back. But things will be alright. God can give you peace, joy, and contentment. It may not happen instantly, but in due time, just like the physical healing process takes time, so it will take time for the despair to subside or the broken heart to mend. Ultimately, I just wanted to encourage you today that even as you deal with heartbreak, an unexpected loss, or disheartening bad news, do not give up and know that everything will be alright.

It Will Be Alright

In the midst of it, in the thick of it, heart broken into pieces.

She can’t figure it out, where to begin to mend the fragments of that organ.

Too many to gather, and it’s frustrating to not understand why the damage happened.

How did it happen? Why did it happen? What does it mean for her?

And her vision is blurry because of the water in her eyes.

Unable to think straight, unable to eat, unable to sleep.

To be blindsided despite the effort she put in,

To experience a heartbreak she hoped to never have to deal with. 

To wonder if she should give up hope or question who she is because of what another person did.

On the other hand, a man suffers with his own distress.

Losing a loved one so dear, so near, that understood him more than the rest.

His heart is broken, understandably so, but he feels he can’t let it show.

Burdened by society’s expectations,

Reminded of burned bridges of former friends.

Then surrounded with so many questions

That go unanswered; the biggest one being ‘how do I deal with this?’

It’s easy to get discouraged—bogged down by the painful reality

That things won’t be the same now that the relationship is over or since that loved one is gone.

It’s easy to lose hope when the present appears so blurry or

It appears that you are all alone…

Why give love a chance again or befriend someone else

When betrayal or death can tear you two apart at any moment?

It just seems like this Heartbreak won’t leave anyone alone…

As time progresses, the ache hurts a little less.

Someone has heard every cry, wiped away every tear,

And even when you thought to give up,

He was mending your heart, sealing up all your wounds.

God cares what you’re going through,

And He doesn’t forget what He’s promised you.

With time, peace, joy, and contentment return.

Even hope infills your heart

As you realize that it will be alright,

You will get through it.

And I hope to encourage you with whatever you may be going through:

Don’t lose hope.

Don’t stay in the valley.

Don’t stop living life.

Even if the heartbreak doesn’t completely dissipate,

Trust that it will be alleviated in time, And everything will be alright.

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