Break Every Chain: The Journey to Publication

I announced that my second fiction novel, Break Every Chain, was published earlier this month. I must be completely honest, this was a journey—a test of patience, motivation, and perseverance. It took longer to get this published than to write it! But throughout this experience, I’ve seen God work things out in my favor. Of course, since this was my second time going through this process, I figured it wouldn’t be difficult: just do what I did before except be more meticulous about the details to ensure no mistakes. Great idea, right? But how often does what we have planned actually transpire in that way? Personally, I can say for myself, ‘not very often if at all.’

Certain steps of the process were taking longer than I anticipated. I kept wanting to market and promote the book, even mention a release date, but as a self-published author having to wait for editing to be completed, the book cover designed, and the author copy to arrive, I couldn’t pinpoint a definitive date. As I went through those steps, weeks turned into months, and I was beginning to question whether it was meant for me to publish this book at all, especially when an issue was brought to my attention that I hadn’t considered. With that instance, I realized God had my back and kept me from a potential legal concern.

Then the website I used underwent a renovation that made some of the features of the site unusable for two months, further delaying my chance to publish. But once again, since I delayed publication, I was able to avoid potential problems that would have kept customers/readers from buying the book, which would have ruined sales and brought about frustration and confusion on my part for something I wouldn’t have been able to control. So, there I was thanking God once again for looking out for me.

Finally, I was able to circumvent some of those website issues and go further with processing until another hiccup arose: my book cover suddenly didn’t meet the website’s size standards. I wasn’t sure how to fix it, but I figured I could either ask someone who did know or discover how to myself. I thought about how to do it myself, but I wanted to be sure I was on the right track, so I asked someone else about it. Suddenly, the person was offering to just do it for me, so I thought I had someone to help and an issue resolved. Unfortunately, similar to a situation that happened before with the first book, this person flaked on me for no reason, choosing not to help and not even having the courtesy to tell me that the person wouldn’t do it or why. I considered taking that as another sign to forgo the project. But then the thoughts of how much time, money, and effort I’d already expended into this thing arose, and I mentally chastised my own self for even considering giving up on a dream that I’d worked so hard for. I’m right there, practically at the finish line, and I’m about to just drop out—let all that hard work be for nothing? Nah, forget that. I’m going to figure this thing out and talk to anyone I can think of to get this thing rolling: one person doesn’t stop the whole show. Ironically, I had heard this saying two times within one day after I had the thought when the person bailed on me—confirming that I shouldn’t give up just because one person didn’t want to help me. Surely, I would find someone who would, or God would send somebody that would. In the end, I figured out how to fix the issue with the help of Google and a little trial and error with some software and obtained a useful skill.

So, I say all of this to thank God for His favor and goodness. I am grateful for this journey and what it’s taught me. I am grateful to get to this point: the end of the publishing process. Yes, our plans may not go the way we want them to, but I’d much rather God’s plan come to fruition instead since His way is better than what I can imagine or come up with. Now, I must segue into the promotional part of this post: Break Every Chain is available in print and eBook. Right now it is available on, but I will announce on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) when other book retailers have it on sale. Please read, share, leave a review. I hope you are encouraged and inspired to keep going after your dream no matter the roadblocks that may come!

One thought on “Break Every Chain: The Journey to Publication

  1. Good post. Writing is like giving birth. It’s painful to push out. But with that final push—all the pain is gone and you glory in God’s creation of a new life. Congratulations. Blessings and Peace.

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